Sacramental Programme

Dear Parents and Carers,

Sacramental Programme 2019-2020
I think it is obvious now that we are not going to be able to conclude the Sacramental Programme in the way we would have expected with the usual “First Communion Masses”.

This is what we will do.
If you wish your child to be able to come to Mass with you and receive Jesus Christ in Holy Communion then we will ensure that happens.

If you were regularly at Mass with your child before the “lockdown” and fully involved in the Sacramental Programme, and if you attended most of the preparation meetings and the six special parish Sunday celebrations, then we can consider your child to be prepared to receive the Sacrament.

What happens next?
Now that it is possible to come to Mass again, either on Saturday night for the Vigil at Holy Saviour’s or on Sundays at Sacred Heart – you will need to book online using the link from the newsletter on the parish website – or on weekdays without having to book – please start coming to Mass with your child and have a word with me after one of the Masses. We can then arrange a date when your child can receive Holy Communion at one of the regular Masses. It will not be a “First Communion Mass” but we can ensure that it is a special occasion for the child.

Sacramental Programme 2020-2021

It looks very unlikely that we will be able to run the usual kind of Sacramental Programme this coming year. This is what we will do.

For parents who regularly bring their child to Holy Mass, it is important that we do not delay the time when they can fully take part by receiving Holy Communion. From time to time I will announce that we will be starting a short preparation course for Holy Communion for children who are coming to Mass and have reached the age of at least seven. This may happen several times throughout the year as required. The main part of the course will be regular attendance at Holy Mass. This can be on Thursday evenings, Saturday midday, Saturday Vigil or Sunday morning. We will also have a few evening lessons for the children involved. Those who show a genuine interest will then be invited to receive Holy Communion at one of the Masses they attend. It will be a normal parish Mass, but we will make it clear that it is a special occasion for your child.

I shall announce at Mass and in the Parish Newsletter when these periods of preparation will start, and so it will be important that you keep in touch with us at church and ask to be included.

I need to emphasise, however, that the main preparation will be regular attendance at Holy Mass.

God bless you and support you in the Catholic education of your child,

Fr. Peter

You can download a copy of this letter here. Sacramental Programme 2019-2020 and 2020-2021