Sacramental Programme

Dear Parents and Carers,

Sacramental Programme 2021 onwards.

Thank God, coming to Mass on Saturday night or Sunday morning has become more normal again over the last few months. This makes it possible to start preparing children to receive Jesus Christ in Holy Communion for their first time.

In the Good Shepherd Parish we are adopting the pattern which quite a number of parishes in our Deanery are following. It works like this:

When you brought your child to be Baptised, you promised to bring the child up in the knowledge and practise of the Faith. In fact, the final prayer of the Baptism prayed that the parents, who are the first teachers of the Faith should also be the best of teachers.

The most important and in fact essential preparation for your child to receive Holy Communion is for them to be familiar with Holy Mass. They will only be familiar with the Mass if you bring them to Mass. Therefore, if you bring them along to Mass preferably on Saturday night or Sunday morning (or Thursday night if you struggle to get to Mass at weekends) just have a word with me after one of the Masses and we will start to make preparation for your child to receive the extra preparations which they will need. Hopefully, we will be able to get a few children together and prepare them in a group. They will be able to receive Holy Communion as soon as they are adequately prepared and have sufficient understanding of the Sacraments they are to receive.

I look forward to seeing you and your children at Mass and to make the journey with you as they prepare for the Sacraments.

God bless,
Fr. Peter