Dowry of Mary

England has been considered the Dowry of Mary since Saxon Times, certainly this was known to King Edward the Confessor, the last king of England before the Norman Conquest in 1066.
The old English use of the word “Dowry” meant the portion of the husband’s estate which was reserved for the wellbeing of his wife should she outlive him. On this understanding, England was seen as having been given a special place in honouring and upholding the sacred position of Mary in the Church and in return she would hold England in special honour and be its heavenly patron. For this reason St. George was never officially adopted as England’s Patron Saint, but given the title of Protector of England, under Mary. This distinction became lost over time and now St. George is recognised as the Patron Saint.

However, England’s position as the Dowry of Mary was considered damaged by the Reformation, the dissolution of the monasteries and the destruction of the shrines to Our Lady, especially at Walsingham, in the sixteenth century. It’s time we re-affirmed our devotion to the Mother of God and re-dedicated England to her as an act of the Catholic Church in England.

To discover more about the Rededication of England as the Dowry of Mary on the Sunday following the Feast of the Annunciation, 29th March 2020, here is a short and informative youtube video.Ā 
You may also be interested to watch as Pope Francis blessed a newly commissioned icon of Our Lady of Walsingham which has been brought back to England and will start a very long journey to all the Catholic Churches in the country over the next few years.

Sadly we had intended to hold a Deanery Mass in honour of Our Lady of Walsingham in Sacred Heart Church on the 26th March 2020. Because our churches cannot hold public services, this event has had to be cancelled, but we do encourage you to honour Our Blessed Lady in your own homes and privately. Please God, we will be able to organise something later in the year to honour Our Lady of Walsingham. Meanwhile you are welcome to visit Sacred Heart Church for private prayer and to visit our shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham in the beautiful mosaic Annunciation Chapel.

Our Blessed Lady appeared to the Lady Richeldis in 1065 to ask that a replica of the Holy House of Nazareth should be built there, in Walsingham. Here people could go to contemplate the Wonder of the Annunciation, in which she said her all important “Yes” to God’s invitation to be the means by which the Word could be made flesh and our Saviour could indeed be Immanuel – God-with-us.

If you want to know more about Walsingham, England’s Nazareth, and indeed join in with daily Mass and other events at the Basilica on their live webcam, then simply Google Catholic Shrine Walsingham.

Keep up with all that is happening with the preparations for the rededication by visiting the official rededication website and all social media posts. Simply visitĀ