Corona Virus Update

8.15pm Tuesday 24th March 2020
We have been invited by the Holy Father to unite round the world at noon, Italian time, tomorrow, the Feast of the Annunciation, 11.00am local time, to say the Lord’s Prayer in petition that we will receive our daily bread and be delivered from evil, in this case, particularly the Coronavirus. However, I think the global crisis we face could be seen as an invitation to re-focus on our priorities in life, particularly as we see that all the things that people normally chase to fulfil their lives, do not give them protection from this and reveal the true vulnerability of our humanity. “Store up treasure in heaven, where moth does not devour nor rust destroy.”

9.30pm Monday 23rd March, 2020
We have just had an update from the Bishop in the light of the Prime Minister’s message to the country tonight. He has directed that to comply with the Prime Minister’s instruction, all churches of the diocese are now to remain closed until the restrictions are relaxed. The Bishop asks that parishioners should be invited to develop an appreciation of the reality of Church which is present to us at all times and not only within the buildings which we call ‘church’. Where possible a focal point might be created within the home where people might gather to pray alone or together.
Closing our churches is a terribly sad development and I am sorry that we have been forced to take this course. However, it is clear that the current situation is extremely serious and we must play our part in the wellbeing of each other and the wellbeing of the nation.
Taking part in services which are live-streamed from a variety of churches is an excellent way of keeping the sense of being Church together and of realising that we are the same Catholic Church wherever in the world we choose to tune into.

In addition to our own Sacred Heart church which live-streamed the Mass each day, Church Services list a large selection of churches in England, Scotland and Ireland. There are also regular services during the day from the National Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham on

Since our churches will not be holding services which are open to the public, please make use of the resources which are available to you online. An easy start would be to look at the newsletter page on this website to keep up to date. If you are involved in the Sacramental Programme, you can keep your eye on that page too.
You might like to see the resources which the diocese is making available:
Sunday Mass will be available from Sacred Heart at 9.30am on this website and it will be recorded for you to watch later if you wish. Mass will also be celebrated each day at 10.00am and that will be live-streamed from the webcam page of this website.

You might also like to download this Liturgy of the Word to celebrate either as a family or on your own for this Sunday. It is The Lord’s Day at Home. 4th Sunday of Lent.

LDAH Lent 4A